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Blog Post » Confusion in my mind!
Blog Post » PHP-Nuke Titanium Information Update
Blog Post » A Decison has been made to use ZF1 Future
Blog Post » We did not meet our release deadline of Dec 25th
Blog Post » MariaDB Upgrade from Version: 5.5.5-10.2.44 to Version: 5.5.5-10.3.37
Blog Post » New Ported Theme Release SimpleBlack v3.0 by Killigan
Blog Post » New Google-Site-Map Module Update
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PHP-Nuke Titanium General Discussions
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Announcements
         We are upgrading cPanel system-wide from 106.0.14 to 108.0.10
         New View Cookies Update 🥇
         A Decison has been made to use ZF1 Future with PHP-Nuke Titanum
         The current PHP-Nuke Titanium Build Specs
         Sunsetting support for Windows 7 / 8/8.1 in early 2023
         Felt like having a go at a theme for the first time in 10 years lol
         Useless games in the list!
         PHP-Nuke Titanium v4.0.3 has been released for testing!
         Hey I just took a shit! (JK) Need Setup Help
         Last Nights PHP-Nuke Titanium Build Is Available
         New PHP-Nuke Titanium Update!
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Community
         Useful NVM commands
         Question, is mod_rewrite turned on in the main server?
         How do you Edit your PHP-Nuke Titanium Code?
         A PHP Hacking / Tips and tricks Forum ??
         I have a GitHub question
         Fixing code errors in the entire CMS from years gone back...
     Paradiso Bar
         G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I
         Blacktop Mojo - It Wont Last
         You know I mean it!
         Cyborg is in the house...
         I need a Freak!
         Mr. Yellow
         I'm motivated!
         Zapp - Computer Love (Official Music Video)
     Introduce Yourself
         Hello everyone
         Introducing Jamilig
         I'm CerealKiller
         I'm HalfStepper I'm an asshole!
         I'm Bob
         I'm Jordi Boggiano
         I'm Critical
         Hi everyone I'm Brady Olson
         Jack Jones aka CornSnorkle
         Hello I'm I'm Fabian Potencier 🚀
         I'm ScottyBcoder aka Scotty
         I'm Melissa Joy Daponte
         I am Anna aka YuckFou
         My name is Cy Borges aka CyBorg
         I'm Winston Terrance Wolfe (webmaster)
         I'm Santa Claws
         I'm CodeBuzzard
         Hello Guys
         I'm RECTOR and I am from Russia
         I'm Ernest Allen Buffington aka TheGhost
     Did You Know?
PHP-Nuke Titanium Developer Discussions
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Core
         get_magic_quotes_runtime DEPRECATED as of PHP 7.4.0, and REMOVED as of PHP 8.0.0.
         What to do when a $lang def is missing in a PHP file?
         Language CONSTANTS ??
         The reputation system is not even close to a finished product.
         Google organizational data only on index?
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - MariaDB
         MariaDB is brought to you by the MariaDB Foundation!
         PHP-Nuke Titanium Installing problem (Fixed)
         proarcade.php Could not update users table (Fixed)
         nuke_bbarcade_fav table does not exist (Fixed)
         Is it possible to use both MySQLi and PDO?
         Topics in Evo Userinfo on front page!
         Member List Module has a problem!
         PHP-Nuke Titanium Installer problem!
         MySQL error when submitting a subject more than 60 charac...
         MYsql error
         Developer Quickstart: PHP mysqli and MariaDB
         What is so special about MariaDB?
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - MySQL
         Why is MySQL by Oracle losing ground? RIP Oracle's MySQL
         MySQL Sucks
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - PHP
         Can you PM me the private link to the PHP 9 Repo
         Setup Step 3: Basic Configuration PHP 8.2 (Fixed)
         Deprecated: Function utf8_decode() is deprecated in public_html/setup/steps/1.php (Fixed)
         PHP CSRF Protection via Anti-CSRF Token
         How to Protect Forms with CSRF Tokens in PHP
         PHP-Nuke Titanium's PHP History
         PHP 8.1 Released: November 25th, 2021
         PHP 7.4 Released: November 28th, 2019
         PHP 8.0 Released: November 26th, 2020
         simple spam bot
         little preview of a project
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Javascript
         preloader using js
         86it screensaver js
         How do I disable select on my web page?
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Java
         Our Marquees in Firefox Are Terrible (Fixed)
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - CSS3
         New Ideas for the Forums Area 💡
         Resize Images as viewport resizes without sides being cut off?
         Indenting inside a table?
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - HTML5
         My Daily Rant: Why ⁉️ 🗯️
         If anyone has any HTML 5 questions feel free to ask here ❔
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Modules (Root)
         Your_Account Module question?
         Who Viewed Errors 🐘
         Signup Errors
         Blogs Module - Commenting does not work!
         I looked at the commenting system like you asked me to...
         modules/Web_Links/index.php (Unsupported operand types: string + int)
         Module - Evo User Block v1.0
         count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given (Fixed)
         Warning: Undefined array key "users_list"
         Warning: Undefined array key "HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH"
         Nuke Sentinel Portal Security 8.1 Bugs
         Evo UserrInfo Block Showing Wrong Flags
         display_avatar_gallery(): Argument #46 ($xdata) must be of type ?string, array given
         Blogs Date needs to be updated! (fixed- 1/11/2023) 👻
         Now here is some Northern fried wierd shit! 💩
         File and Image Repository copyrights
         Blog Topic missing Language definition on save topic!
         NukeScripts™ Network Projects Module Update
         Blog_Submit module has an error!
         I need a hosting module?
         HumHub Module Version : 1.12.1 Release Date : 15-08-2022
         Could someone write a Time Clock Module?
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Modules (Admin)
         Admin Module Building Tutorial - ☢️ Poll
         ShoutBox Admin Error 🐘
         Admin Module (modules.php) (Fixed)
         Database Error in admin module themes.php (Fixed)
         Warning: Undefined variable $totalselected in modules/nukesentinel/ABTrackedPages.php (Fixed)
         Admin Area Menu Option Bugs
     PHP 8.1.x (eol)
         Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
         str_replace(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($replace) of type array|string is deprecated
         Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated Fix
         mkdir(): Permission denied system wide by each user running a shell script
         count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given
         Instant Upgrade of each()
         Migration to PHP 8.1 - how to fix Deprecated Passing null to parameter error
     PHP 7.4.33 (eol)
         What numb nut wrote code to strip the extension from the avatars?
         root/includes/iphub.novpn.php line 35
         Arcade PM not sending on rank change (Fixed)
         games.php bad practice of class use!
         Arcade comments.php Error Authenticating User (Fixed)
         This was in the original class can you re-write for ruffle?
     MariaDB 10.2.44 (eol)
     MariaDB 10.3.37 (eol)
         Can I Disable strict mode on MariaDB using phpMyAdmin❔
     PHP 8.0.26 (eol)
         PHP 8 question 4 yaz
     Module Releases & Updates (Root)
         New ShoutBox Update v4.2.0 🐱
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Blocks
         Warnings in ShoutBox Block (Fixed)
         Evo UserInfo Block / Module (Fixed)
         You left the old portal menu in the distro...
         cPanel admin login is broken!
     Module Releases & Updates (Admin)
     v4.0.4 Core
         Core Suggestion/Question ? ☢️ Poll
         PHP-Nuke Titanium install help!
         PHP-Nuke Titanium v4.0.3 Install Issue
         @horndonkle image cache v1.0 Bug
         Browser Download Testing
         function is_mod_admin($module_name='super')
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Themes
         Big News - New Template Coming Up - New Theme Features As Well
         Titanium_Core theme question?
     MariaDB 10.3.38
     PHP 8.2.x
         God Quotes - An Easy Tiny PHP Script
         Site Errors
Hacking / Tips and Tricks
     Hacking wiith PHP 8
         Heredoc mode and why you should use it.
PHP-Nuke Titanium Developer Tools
     PHP-Nuke Titanium - Apache NetBeans 17
         Latest version of NetBeans Rocks! v17
         Unexpected character found "*" in bootstrap.css
         Forum created for CodeBuzzard
     Rector PHP
         Where is rectorphp storing cache files? 🧰
         Rector: still throwing random errors
         WARNING: Running Rector in a shared hosting environment will not work (Temp Fix) 👻
phpBB Titanium Developer Discussions
     phpBB Titanium - General
         includes/page_tail.php (Patched) 8.x
         includes/page_header_printer.php (Patched) 8.x
         modules/Forums/arcade.php (Patched) 8.x
         includes/page_header_review.php (Patched) 8.x
         modules/Forums/games.php (Patched) 8.x
         modules/Forums/common.php (Patched) 8.x
         phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 Specs
     phpBB Titanium - BBCODE
     phpBB Titanium v2.0.23 (eol)
     phpBB Titanium v2.0.25
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