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PHP-Nuke Today
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:45 pm

We are in the process of making PHP-Nuke Titanium fully compatible with all themes and modules of PHP-Nuke and any PHP-Nuke Fork.

The 86it Developers Network has one goal in common and quite frankly this is how it should have been from the beginning. All things Nuke means that if you write a module for PHP-Nuke Titanium, PHP-Nuke Platinum, or the US version of PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme they will all be compatible with one another.

The 86it Developers Network will work with anyone writing a new CMS or would like to convert a CMS so that it meets the Nuke network's global standards.

We have no intention of ever removing compatibility for old modules or themes. The only time something will be removed is when it is no longer capable of working with the current PHP versions that are used in our Developer Network. We do not believe in taking things away from the good folks in the developer world and we will keep things updated and available on the network at all times. In the event that you have a theme or module that was written that seems to be having a compatibility issue, just let us know, and we will help re-write and modify it so that it works with all versions of PHP-Nuke.

A new copyright system has been put in place for all themes and modules and it is very easy to use. All you do is edit the module or theme copyright.php file and hit save or with new themes, you would upload your new copyright file to the themes root folder. If it is a module the same applies, you will edit or put the new copyright file in the root of the new module directory.

PHP-Nuke itself was the very first CMS to ever be created in the internet world and it is here to stay forever. There is not a whole lot of acknowledgment in the online world because, well people have not been educated in this area of internet history. The Francis Framework was intended for Internet Desktop Applications, not mobile phones or tablets. This is no longer the case in 2023 as all of the PHP-Nuke systems have been updated so that any website running PHP-Nuke or any PHP-Nuke fork easily identifies what type of device is being used when a person logs on to a website built with PHP-Nuke or any fork of PHP-Nuke. The only time that tables are an acceptable form of design is when you're creating an Internet Desktop Application. This is because desktop applications use in most cases a locked-width dynamic design system, and the only time they do not, is if a developer or programmer is so lazy that they take the easy way out and design their website solely for mobile, TV, or tablet access. By doing that they are taking a shortcut so that they do not have to write as much code and even the large corporations take this shortcut to keep from having to write a website that adheres to device-type cosmetics specifically. 

 What makes PHP-Nuke and all PHP-Nuke Forks the best?

PHP-Nuke allows you to use PROCEDURAL code and OOP code. It is able to use any Symfony library, meaning the 50 most popular libraries in the world used to develop online mobile and desktop web applications all work with PHP-Nuke. Symfony was not the 1st standard but it is now the standard foundation on which all of the best PHP applications are built. The reason that this is awesome is that you can speed up the creation and maintenance of your PHP-Nuke website application. End repetitive coding tasks and enjoy the power of having the choices needed to control your project and code.

Here is a list of the Symfony components that can be used in PHP-Nuke:

The technical requirements for PHP-Nuke:

Before running your PHP-Nuke site or creating your first PHP-Nuke module you must:

Instead of using the entire Symfony framework, we use its vendor libraries only. We do this because our framework supports more than just Bootstrap and quite frankly we are not interested in having anything to do with a framework that makes you adhere to their strict setup rules and developer guidelines as this puts a damper on your programming and design capabilities.

PHP-Nuke comes with Rector built in which will allow you to refactor old legacy code when creating modules or even themes. Rector is a PHP tool that you can run to get an instant upgrade or automated refactoring. It helps with the PHP-Nuke module and theme upgrades, it improves your code quality. Also, it helps with type-coverage and getting to the latest PHPStan level.

If you see something somewhere that you like, make no mistake it can be ported into a module. The PHP-Nuke module system is designed for that reason specifically, any application can be setup and run as a module allowing the dynamic module and theme system to do its magic. 

The majority of people that used PHP-Nuke liked to take advantage of the dynamic theme system designed by Francisco Burzi (Frank) intended to be used for Internet Desktop Applications.

Now people will like using PHP-Nuke because it has the best of both worlds and also has the ability to use the CSS Grid Layout Module alongside the Francis Framework which was designed solely for Internet Desktop Applications. The CSS Grid Module originally was intended for mobile, TV, and tablet website access allowing it to resize to fit all of our smaller less expensive devices. It offers a grid-based layout system, with rows and columns, making it easier to design web pages without having to use floats and positioning, which is used by the Francis Framework. It took a little while but the CSS Grid Module properties are now currently supported by all modern browsers. In short, the Francis Framework was designed to size up and the CSS Grid Layout Module was created to size down.


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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PHP-Nuke Titanium Update
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:45 pm


A very dear friend of mine has died and I am trying to deal with this the best way that I can,

I am still working on the code on a daily basis, PHP-Nuke Titanium v4.0.4 is now available for download on the repo.

There are some breaking changes due to the new version of PHP.

Support for all of the older versions of PHP has gone away. We now only have support for PHP 7.2 and up.

There are no real reasons to continue support for versions of PHP prior to 7.2.

If you have a module or software that will not run we can help you get it running for PHP 7.2 and up.

We are going to add support for any and all versions of nuke including Platinum.


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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Pissed Off News
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:45 pm

CentOS 8 died a premature death at the end of 2021 - Just now found out that I should migrate us to Rocky/Alma/OEL/Springdale ASAP.

Because of cPanel I already had to set up a new server to move to CentOS 7.9 when I should have moved us to RedHat.

Now that things are a little more advanced I find that we and I myself need to be able to use all versions of NodeJS.

Turns out CentOS 7/8 does not have a way to add the following libraries safely with php-fpm...

Installing core node_modules
node: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.27' not found (required by node)
node: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.25' not found (required by node)
node: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by node)
node: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.9' not found (required by node)
node: /lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20' not found (required by node) node: /lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found (required by node) Installing core node_modules failed

What a trmoultious fuckover this turned into.

I should have been told about the future possibilities of running into problems with CentOS but wasn't told!

This is some very unsettling shit to have to deal with after adding so many people to the developers' server.

I backed up the databases to the main developer ports and I AM NOW BACKING UP EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE ON THE SERVER.

Everyone should halt development until I get us moved over to Linux Alma 8.

I took someone's advice and now it has cost us dearly and for that, I apologize. I will get us safely ported over to Linux Alma 8! (No Fear)

This just takes away from our time and is a great inconvenience.

I realize now that I am an expert and should take only my own fucking advice,

Sorry for my language but I just can't help myself.

As time goes on I realize that I am my only real support and that I have put in enough time to stop asking others what the hell I should do.

If I had done what I wanted to do in the 1st place this shit would not be consuming all my time trying to correct something that should not need to be corrected. 

CentOS is built from publicly available source code provided by RedHat, Inc. Some documentation on the CentOS website uses files that are provided {and copyrighted} by RedHat®, Inc.

RedHat Acquisition of CentOS

In 2014, Red Hat essentially acquired the CentOS project. RedHat called itself a sponsor for the CentOS project while CentOS announced that it had joined the Red Hat family. Several members of the CentOS team became employees in RedHat's Open Source and Standards team.

Whatever happened with RedHat and CentOS fucked me/us and now I have to redo my/our entire dedicated developer server list.

Why is Red Hat dropping CentOS?

Image result

According to RedHat, CentOS is being ditched for CentOS Stream because it "was not actually providing that much usefulness to RedHat." RedHat's decision earlier to stop the development of the Linux distribution CentOS to concentrate on CentOS Stream has created a brouhaha on social media.

What they have done has caused a lot of problems and what they should have done was just update CentOS so the million people already using it would not have to provision server replacements. They created a lot of fucking work for a lot of people and for that they can kiss my ass and I will never support RedHat or CentOS ever gain.

In Essence, CentOS took a shit in their RedHat or you could say RedHat shit in CentOs's RedHat and I am done supporting a bunch of dumb ass mother fuckers.

The young have a lot to learn and this is the very thing and reason that causes applications to lose market shares!

If I find out Alma is owned by RedHat I will not install it either.

Poor Gregory Kurtzer, he will never hear his farts again after being fucked in the ass by RedHat!

After 21 years RedHat puts the long stroke on Gregory Kurtzer's bleached white asshole!

Yea let's not let CentOS show us up over here at RedHat let's just shut it down...

RedHat, Inc. is an American software company that provides open-source software products to enterprises and is a subsidiary of IBM.

So while I am at it, fuck you also IBM!

Arvind Krishna is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IBM. As a business leader and technologist, he has led the building and expansion of new markets for IBM in artificial intelligence, cloud, quantum computing, and blockchain.

Hey, Arvind Krishna go fuck yourself you moron piece of shit, you had a vote in this dipshitery.

So many assholes in this world now, young inexperienced people with no business sense at all and there's the overzealous old dipshit who thinks he is the know it all successor of IBM.

You know what? They can all eat shit and die!

Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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Server Update
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:45 pm

I just added mod_rewrite to all versions of PHP on the developer server.

I am about to restart Apache so if you experience a hiccup that is why...

I have also added PHP v8.2 to php-fpm

I Bumped the PHP version on the PHP-Nuke Titanium developer server to v8.2.3

We are now running Alma Linux v8.7.0


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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PHP-Nuke Titanium Information Update
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:45 pm

Here is the skinny on PHP-Nuke Titanium:

I work on it every day and the speed at that I have been moving is unbelievable.

A lot of things need work and a lot of additions are being worked on silently in the background.

I'm working on a global Form system for the code and to use when coding modules. It will make module creation very easy and a lot more fun.

A new Frequently asked question system is being created and it will replace the regular FAQ module.

The login system is being changed to support multiple applications like phpbb3 and others.

A new admin Templating system will be in place that will be used with the new Form system. You won't even know it changed except for the fact that it will be way cleaner and a lot of handling will be done with Ajax!

New system security is being implemented that will make this code amazingly secure!

A lot of old code is being replaced with more modern PHP code. (I use procedural code where I can because I'm not lazy)

We are keeping the theme system intact while doing this and making it so that it supports multiple theme formats.

When we are done there will be a mobile version and a desktop version which I am working on now.



Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

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