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Ghost Mode Mod Update!
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:17 pm

Ghost Mode Mod has been updated.

Several things have been affected by the update:

  1. The Members List now works Correctly - No more lowercase queries - If you need to look someone up and they used lowercase on their nickname you must use the search users feature.
  2. When in Ghost Mode other users will only be able to Private Message you from the Forum area if you have made a recent post.
  3. The Sort button was fixed in the Member List.
  4. When in Ghost Mode the only person able to view your profile are the Admins and Yourself.
  5. When in Ghost Mode you are completely anonymous and are only known by your callsign/nickname.
  6. When in Ghost Mode your name will not appear in the Members List - (only admins will see your name in the members' list).
  7.  No more lowercase queries in the Forum Admin section either - If you need to look someone up that used lowercase on their nickname you must use the search user feature.
  8. When in Ghost mode you will not show up in Currently Viewing or Online Information.
  9. When in Ghost Mode the Forum area will not show you in the Recently Visited list or Currently Online Browsing List.

You can switch to Ghost Mode by editing your profile.



Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

( Likes & comments? PHP-Nuke Titanium Mods | Mod Updates | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 19 )
Arcade Mod News
Posted by TheGhost Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:17 pm

I had a few people ask me when the Arcade Mod would be finished.

I work on it randomly and feel that it should not take priority over the PHP 8 update, I will be consumed by this update for a little while.

Every once in a while I take a break from updating and work a little bit on the templates and I even fixed the Arcade Tweaks module that was broken a few days ago.

The Arcade Mod is fixed and functional, I just need to finish the theme templates for additional themes and make an update pak for new themes.

When I am doing updates occasionally when I go through the code as closely as I have been, it is inevitable that I am going to see things that need to be fixed. I always fix them and get sidetracked doing it...

I have fixed numerous things that I did not even know were a problem until I skipped over them in the code.

Yesterday I realized that the Blog system never had the right time but always had the right date when posting a Blog. It turned out an old function from Evo was the culprit, one that ReOrGaNiZaTiOn wrote many years back. I was making my work harder than it needed to be. In PHP, there are now many date-handling functions which means I don't have to treat dates like strings anymore. So, rather than him testing input dates and making sure they were in the right format, I just decided to insist on the correct format, the right way after hours of overlooking the obvious. Needless to say, I fixed it!

While I was fixing that, I realized that if you do not select a topic it would throw an exception, so I fixed that. I added an Error Function specifically for the Blog system.

I realize now more than ever, there needs to be a Question 2 Answer system. I'm not sure who asked about that a while back but I will make that happen soon and it is a much-needed module that currently does not exist.

I also thought maybe I would add a bridge system into the code so that we can use anything we like with the current build. I think I will build a check bridge! It will scan the database for certain tables and if it sees them it will activate the bridge automatically.

I am also going to put in a theme bridge that will scan every theme for version information. It is possible to make any theme from any software work on the Fly!

I can do just about anything and as I am going through all the code it seemed to spark a bazillion ideas!

I will post more later, you all have a great evening.


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

( Likes & comments? PHP-Nuke Titanium Mods | Mod Updates | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 24 )
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