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The PHP-Nuke Titanium Dev Team
Titanium News: A Decison has been made to use ZF1 Future
Posted by TheGhost Wed Jan 04, 2023 8:39 pm

ZF1 Future - Zend Framework

Copyright © 2005-2021 Zend Technologies Inc.

We have done some research and are still doing research and it appears there is a group called ZF1 Future that intends to continue the legacy of Zends original framework.

Zend Framework 1 is now for PHP 8.1!

Classic ZF1 Reborn

Zend may have abandoned the original Zend Framework, but the global Zend Framework Community has not! Since Zend sentenced ZF1 to EOL, the Zend Framework community around the globe has continued to work and build on what we consider to be one of the best PHP frameworks of all time.

ZF1-Future Sponsors

Products and Projects built with ZF1-Future:

Creators of the Tiger Development Platform featuring ZF1-Future

Seiden Group: IBM i modernization, PHP, Python, Node.js, and modern RPG

Creators of CommunityPlus+ PHP for IBM i featuring ZF1-Future

Creators of PHP-Nuke Titanium featuring ZF1-Future

ZF1 is Now Version 1.21!

Over 200 updates and bug fixes since 1.12!

The ZF1 community has been hard at work updating Zend Framework with all of the latest features of PHP 8 and 8.1.


New ZF1-Future Manual: ZF1-Future Docs


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

( Reads : 138 )
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